My 4th grade experience

Today was my last day of 4th grade. My teacher was Ms. Rogers and she is very nice. On the first day of school she brought in a bag of stuff all about her and we got to learn things about her. Then every week after that she had one kid bring in a bag full of stuff about them.

In fourth grade we learned about a lot of things. In math we learned about multiplication, division, decimals, fractions, money, area, and  perimeter. In writing we learned how to make level 4 research papers, how to make really good paragraphs and how to make good words better. In science we learned about magnets, electricity, rocks and minerals, and food. In social studies we learned all about NC. In reading we learned how to make inferences, draw conclusions, and tell a good summary about what we read.

At the end of year assembly I won the leadership award which is given out to someone who will willingly help peers and encourages people in a positive way. In class we made up some funny awards and I won the most likely to become president. At music today I got my certificate for passing Black Belt (Ode to Joy) in recorders. My dad told me that if I got all 4’s on my report card that he would get me a netbook so I tried really hard to get all 4’s and I did so he got me a netbook.

The hardest project in 4th grade is probably the research paper I had to do about Greene County. We sent letters to the county Chamber of Commerce asking for anything that would help us with our paper. They sent back a magazine and a map. So I had to do a lot of more research to find out things about my county. I had to write 5 paragraphs, an intro paragraph, 3 paragraphs giving details about my county, and one conclusion paragraph. When I was finished with my paper I thought I got a 3. But when she called me over to tell me my grade it was a four! That research paper was a  big part of my writing and social studies grade so that meant that on my report card I got a 4 for writing and social studies.

Tuesday of every week I went to AG (Academically Gifted) and we did really fun activities. In the first quarter we had to design a GIRLS bedroom. In the second quarter we had to serve our family Thanksgiving dinner and we wanted to save money so we looked at different stores to see which one had the best price. In the third quarter we worked on algebra. In the fourth quarter we had a super fun project and we split into teams and we played jeopardy and each question we got right was a certain amount of points and we move ahead on the board the number of points that we get. We ended in first place so we got 9 keys the team that ended in second got 7 keys the team that ended in third got 5 keys an the team that was last got 3 keys. Only one of the keys that she handed out was the one that opened the treasure. The team that ended in third had the right key and they won a pizza party. Unfortunately Ms. Finn, the AG teacher, is leaving. So I was sad about that.

Ms. Rogers is moving to second grade next year. At the end of the year all the fourth graders got together and we had a pizza party. This year I was part of the  Safety Patrol. At carpool we open the car doors for students. I was also in Student Council which is a group of kids who come up with ideas of fun activities for the school to do. At the end of the year we had some really important tests called the EOG’s (End Of Grade test) and I got fours on both of them. We went on 3 field trips one was to the symphony and the other two were High-Touch High-Tech in-house field trips. I really liked fourth grade and I am excited about fifth grade (especially because we are going to the beach).

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  1. Andrew you always make me very proud of you! I am so excited that you will be coming home from Japan. I missed you very much!

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